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Cooperative and SMME development support we provide support to SMMEs and co-operatives and handhold them to grow and become sustainable businesses. Our support programs include:
-Procurement and Investment Readiness (PRIP)
-Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy -Dialogue


To respond to the challenges stated above that affect the procurement and investment readiness of SMMEs and cooperatives, NFLA has developed a flagship programme called “Procurement and Investment Readiness Programme” (PIRP). This programme is designed to support SMMEs with industry compliance, financial literacy for owner managers, access to markets and access to finance.  PIRP uses methods that influence behavior and attitudes, which result to change in ways of doing things. This methodology allows NFLA to measure impact of our intervention as all our steps can be audited.

The programme enables these enterprises to access procurement and funding opportunities.

This programme supports a universe of financiers by providing them with quality pipeline investment and procurement ready enterprises. PIRP is for start-ups revenue generating enterprises (For-profit and non-profit companies) and those that are about to commercialize.